Artist Bio

Richard Bell was introduced into art in 1990 when he took a class at Cerritos College. 

Charcoal was his medium of choice at the time.  

In 1998 Richard’s uncle, the late Raymond Howell, a famous Bay Area artist mentored him for a year. He then began painting in oils and mixed media. 

Richard was injured in 2002 in a motor vehicle accident. As a result, he suffered trauma to his cervical 5/6 vertebrae which resulted in him being a quadriplegic. He was on life support for three months.  Once Richard was home,  the following months were spent trying to reach for things until he could move his arms.  With some guidance from another friend with a spinal cord injury, he started drawing again, then in 2015 entered his first show since the injury. Applying paint to canvas, and seeing his works come alive has been pivotal to his continued recovery.


Captured moments from various art shows.